We are getting ready to accept vendors for our HOLIDAY SHOW 2017. Still no official date and space QUITE YET, but there will be soon, so it's a fine moment to get on our mailing list.

All's you got to do is send an email to with the word "mailing list" in the subject.

We make it VERY EASY to become a PRFM vendor. There are no guidelines on what can be sold – we welcome all kinds of merchandise, we really don't care what you sell. As soon as we have secured a venue for the PRFM and figured out how many vendors will fit we release a call to the public. Anyone who pays the vending fee or commits to a volunteer shift is welcome to sell their stuff. 

And here's another tip - we are one of those anarchist organizations who would MUCH PREFER to make use of your skills rather than have you give us your money. Our awesome event is created primarily through volunteer labor, and the people who volunteer their time not only don't pay cash to be part of the PRFM, but they often get FIRST DIBS on vendor spots. So if you have some skills and some time, talk to us about a trade. If you're lacking in one or both, then money also works to secure a vending spot. 

Okay? Okay.