The PRFM is a big, beautiful crazy thing and it couldn’t happen without our crew of committed folks donating their time and skills. Some folks volunteer just for the fun of it, and some volunteer in trade for a vending spot at the PRFM. However you can help, we seriously appreciate it.
We usually have about 5 days of on-the- ground labor to make the PRFM happen. Over the course of that time we need haulers, drivers, carpenters, scavengers, people to help with taping off booth spaces, and folks to work door shifts. We need the most people on to help with load-in, set up, and clean up. PLUS we always need skilled bartenders. 
We keep vendor spots open for our volunteers. In order to keep things fair for folks who barter their time, we’ve got an easy system. Every hour you can donate gets you $20 off the cost of your vending space. If you can give us three hours (or more) your vending space is FREE for one full day! Pretty good, right? And we’re not hard asses about any of it – if you only have two hours to give, or if you’re trading highly skilled work and want to make a different arrangement, just let us know. We’re all about communicating and making stuff work.
Want to volunteer your time?