The PRFM is a big, beautiful crazy thing and it couldn’t happen without our crew of committed folks donating their time and skills. Some folks volunteer just for the fun of it, and some volunteer in trade for a vending spot at the PRFM. However you can help, we seriously appreciate it.

The work is basically broken into 3 phases - set up, running the show, and clean up.

Set up starts in mid-november and goes right up until we open. We need people who can build infrastructure in the first weeks - carpenters, electricians, people to haul stuff. In the week before we open we need a LOT of people to help open the space, mark the floors, set up the bar, hang lights and sound, and make sure the bathrooms are presentable. Along the way, we need folks with web skills, someone to help us get a handle on our social media, and anyone who wants to slap a mess of stickers on stop signs and bike racks to let the world know that we are out here.

While the show is running on December 9-10 we need folks who can keep it running smoothly. Emptying trash, stocking bathrooms, bar backs.

And during clean up it's all hands on deck. We aim to get all the market broken down on Sunday night, and leave the space completely by 5pm on Monday December 11. We truly need everyone who can help during that time - loading the trucks, pulling up tape, pushing brooms. Leaving the place in better shape than we entered it.

So tell us where your time and your skills would fit, and we'll plug you into a job. And the way we figure trade time is that every hour you work is "paid" $25. Put in 3 hours of time, you get a $75 spot. Put in 4 hours, a $100 spot is yours. All of this is negotiable. PLEASE tell us ahead of time if you have to bail so we can fill your spot.

Want to volunteer your time?